Ken Zampese To Be The Jets Offensive Coordinator If Schottenheimer Nbsp Leaves

This little nugget on the Jets is very, very, surprising, as not really surprising. However, it seems that there sa lot riding on what happens with the Jets coaching staff, and how that trickles to us. Brian Schottenheimer, the offensive coordinator New York Jet, well liked, with the Jets front office, will meet with Rex Ryan, the latest Jets head coach to see if they can work together - aka, coexist..

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A Bush Legacy Bounce

When George W Bush and his wife, Laura, took off from the Capitol in a Marine helicopter and increased the site where President Barack Obama was sworn in moments before, thousands of people joyously waved goodbye to a presidency that many consider the worst in modern history.

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Four Key Questions About Promethazine Syrup And Juice Sipping Rap Phenom Lil Wayne

Wayne, however, has no murder convictions. $ 22,000 in cash.. He was arrested January 23, 2008 in Yuma, Ariz.. Police found 105 grams of marijuana, about 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of MDMA and U.S. Wayne has four tattoos on his face, of which three Teardrops. In East LA band speech, a tear is used to describe any person who has killed one.

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Pete Doherty Will Tour The Uk Over 2009

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty is embarking on a massive UK tour beginning in March. The controversial singer will start its roadshow at the Great Hall of Cardiff University and March 13, will follow it with a trip to the south coast for a performance at Southampton Guildhall 48 hours later.

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Kate Winslet Quot Swayze Swoon

He said: When he was 14 and I saw Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing I thought it was just amazing. Kate Winslet had a crush on Patrick Swayze when he was a teenager. He was riding on a white horse, and so to make some beautiful dance on the beach. . It was serious. The Revolutionary Road the actress thought Dirty Dancing star was the sexiest person had ever seen.

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